Glove Type



Disposable/Single Use Vinyl, PVC, Latex, Nitrile Small parts handling, food handling, medical & lab use, manufacturing. Nitrile is a good choice for those with latex allergies. Suitable for light-duty tasks.
Knit Cotton/polyester Use as a liner or for additional protection and grip. Suitable for light-duty tasks.
Driver's Cowhide, Pigskin, Goatskin Use for abrasion resistance, general use. Suitable for medium-duty tasks.
Canvas & Fabric Cotton General purpose. Suitable for light- to medium-duty tasks.
Supported/Dipped Typically Knit with foam Nitrile, Polyurethane or PVC Chemical processing/handling, cleaning, oil refining, food processing. Suitable for medium- to heavy-duty tasks.
Specialty Lined & Unlined Neoprene, Nitrile, Nylon Rough, oily, abrasive, hot or cold environments. Suitable for heavy-duty tasks.


Glove Type

Disposable/Single Use - Gloves from these materials are economical, often disposable and appropriate for general use. Users can find these materials made into gloves that are approved for a variety of settings.
Knit - Knit gloves offer comfortable fit and good flexibility and can also be used as a liner for extra protection. Look for gloves featuring PVC dots for extra grip.
Driver's - Excellent strength and durability combined with comfort and protection. Look for designes with shirred or elasticized cuffs when you are concerned about keeping dirt and debris out of the glove. Provides abrasion resistance, dexterity, durability and comfort.
Canvas & Fabric - Provides durability, dexterity and comfort. Look for palms featuring PVC dots or natural or synthetic hide when greater grip is needed. These gloves can typically be laundered. When sturdy synthetic fabric is used, durability is increased along with resistance to abrasions, cuts and punctures.
Supported/Dipped - Degrees of protection vary, with coating to protect against solvents and chemicals and provide protection from abrasions, punctures and cuts.
Specialty - Box handling and other heavy-duty applications that might require exceptional dexterity, grip and imperviousness to liquids, impact cushioning and other protection. Specialty gloves feature palms, coatings and materials and thickness designed for the most demanding users.
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