Baxter Chemical provides expert floor care for hallways in schools, offices and medical care centers. Baxter Chemical recommends the best ways to care for tile flooring through stripping and finishing. Baxter Chemical is a distributor of Spartan products, the leader in floor care. Based on our expertise in janitorial and chemicals, we recommend the following approach to effectively cleaning floors:

Step 1 - Stripping the Floor

Baxter Chemical's stripper is designed to take off other people's finish as well as our own. Our stripper is specially formulated to chemically remove the floor finish.

Step 2 - Dilute the Stripper

Baxter Chemical recommends using Spartan's Shineline Emulsifier PlusŪ. It is a high performance speed stripper. Quickly removes heavy build-ups and burnished floor finish. Enhances time and labor saving benefits. Use with ultra high speed floor care systems.

Be sure to consult the dilution information on the floor care product packaging before beginning. Use the hottest water possible when diluting the Shineline Emulsifier Plus. Use a black stripper pad and begin your floor cleaning job along the baseboards.

Step 3 - Seal and Finish

Using Spartan's OnBase sealer, begin with a clean mop head, bucket and fresh water. Line the mop bucket with a trash liner and insert the mop ringer. Put on the finish mop head on the handle. Pour sealer into the mop bucket.

  • Spartan's OnBase sealer-based underseal and floor conditioner. 16% solids. Non-yellowing. Resists water marks and scuffs.

  • Many people ask, why seal the floor? Vinyl floors have small peaks and valleys. Using a sealer, fills in the valleys with small polymers to keep the floor as even as possible.

  • When rinsing sealer, twist and squeeze out the excess sealer. Don't wring it out. It is important that the mop is not very wet.

  • Apply two coats of sealer in a figure eight for even floor coverage. Let each coat dry for about 15 minutes between applications.

  • Be sure to remove and insert a new trash liner before adding this shine floor care product. Spartan uses the most exclusive polymers to give a lasting and high quality shine to the floors. Apply 3 coats of I-Shine and let dry between applications.

  • Spartan's iShine is a 25% high solids floor finish that employs patented optically enhanced polymer technology that amplifies the over all gloss appearance and clarity of your floors. The unique blend possesses cutting edge raw materials to form a high solids finish that provides total protection in just four coats of finish. IShine has passed the Underwriters Laboratories testing for slip resistance!

Step 4 - Floor care maintenance

This approach will last for five years with good floor care maintenance.

  • Use floor mats to capture the majority of inbound dirt that enters buildings. You should have enough matting so a person may wipe their feet at least three times.

  • Regularly dust mop the floors

  • When wet mopping, use a neutral pH floor cleaner such as Baxter's Excellent product. It costs $.11/gallon when diluted.

  • As needed, dry buff the floor to maintain an superb shine without using any chemicals or cleaners.

  • Scrub and recoat with Baxter's Excellent while using a Red or Green pad to remove the scratched floor surface. Apply two coats of Spartan's I-Shine without re-stripping the floor to the base.

If you have further questions about floor care or would like a personal consultation regarding janitorial and chemical services or supplies, call John Baxter at 800-657-9037 or email him now at


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